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The future of the global battery revolution

Jun 4, 2023


The global battery revolution has the potential to bring monumental change in the way we create and use energy. Tungsten, one of the critical minerals for this shift, has been identified as an essential component for batteries due to its high electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion.


With investment from governments, universities, and researchers worldwide continuing to grow, it’s likely that improved availability of tungsten will create transformative advancements in technologies powered by batteries.


As technology continues to develop, discovering new ways to use tungsten will be integral in positioning the future of the global battery revolution.


Canada is home to an estimated 50 percent of all publicly traded mineral and mining exploration companies globally with a presence in over 100 countries and a total market capitalization of CDN $520 billion.


As a leading Canadian mining company, Northcliff plans to provide a new primary supply of tungsten and molybdenum to North American, European, and Asian markets. 


Northcliff, through its Sisson Project is working to advance the supply of critical minerals by developing a significant deposit of tungsten and molybdenum, and help build the future of our green and digital economy for North America.


Through this supply, Northcliff is aiming to revolutionize energy storage by working to provide high-quality tungsten with greater reliability than ever before. This will be a critical step in the global battery revolution, allowing us another way to transition away from traditional energy sources and towards a clean, sustainable, and renewable future.


The unlocking of clean energy sources accessed through batteries will be an integral driver of global economic growth in this new era, offering exciting opportunities that continue to take shape. The global battery revolution is necessary for a more sustainable future, and tungsten is essential to its success.


Tungsten is also recognized by the European Commission as having the highest economic importance of all raw materials. This critical metal provides unparalleled advantages when it comes to energy storage, with properties such as high melting points, increased electrical conductivity, and greater recyclability.


With investment in tungsten research continuing to grow, Northcliff looks forward to the potential of improved renewable energy sources that will power our lives for generations to come.


Specifically, research from the University of Cambridge and Nyobolt revealed that new tungsten-based anodes enable Li-ion battery systems to be 90+% charged in less than five minutes, and they withstand a wider range of temperatures with reduced fire risk. This is just one of the reasons that Northcliff is working to accelerate tungsten development as a critical resource for North America.  


The role of tungsten within this revolutionary movement must not be underestimated: we believe that it will unlock new possibilities in our journey towards an even brighter tomorrow.


Northcliff is confident that its tungsten supply will help make the global battery revolution a reality. By working to provide consistent and reliable access to tungsten, Northcliff is aiming to make energy storage more cost-effective, efficient, and available to everyone.

Northcliff is a mineral resource company focused on advancing the feasibility-stage Sisson tungsten-molybdenum project located in New Brunswick, Canada, to production. Additional information on Northcliff is available on the website at

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