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Why is the critical metal tungsten essential to a global battery revolution?

Apr 4, 2023


As the revolution of battery technology continues, one resource is essential to Canada’s sustainability goals - tungsten. This rare metal has impressive qualities that make it suitable for use in a variety of industries and its presence is vital to ensure sustainable long-term energy solutions into the future.

The world is embracing a battery revolution, fuelled by the power of tungsten. As a leading Canadian mining company, Northcliff is working to provide a new primary supply of tungsten and molybdenum to North American, European, and Asian markets. 

Tungsten has become essential in applications spanning from automotive to aerospace and energy storage solutions, which allow it unprecedented efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

We are witnessing an age where cutting-edge battery technologies can drive revolutionary advancements on both small and large scales. Looking forward it is undeniable that the global battery revolution is on course to bring about significant changes in the way we harness electricity and store power.

Recent research by Cambridge University and Nyobolt Limited has revealed that tungsten may be integral in powering next-generation batteries. The full research results are reported in the journal Nature.

Tests have demonstrated not only its capability at accepting more electrons than conventional materials, but also greater durability against repeated heavy charging cycles, resulting in superior power output over longer life spans.

Nyobolt is commercializing lithium-ion batteries with record power density and ultra-fast charge capabilities. Nyobolt’s technology builds on a decade of fast charge lithium-ion battery research led by University of Cambridge battery scientist Professor Dame Clare Grey.

Nyobolt’s unique niobium and tungsten-based anode systems show superior performance over other Li-ion anode technologies. The results of this research provide an excellent opportunity to fast-track the global battery revolution and realize the full potential of this critical metal for Canada and beyond.

At Northcliff, we believe these technologies may play an important part in the energy transition, further signifying the critical importance of tungsten and molybdenum.

As a robust energy source, tungsten batteries have become increasingly more common throughout the globe due to their high efficiency and cost-effective nature.

Agriculture operations are leveraging this technology as an ideal choice for powering machinery in farming activities, including tractors and automated farm equipment. Furthermore, solar storage panels, and wind turbines, benefit greatly from using tungsten. Its ability to store electrical charges at maximum capacity makes it ideal for renewable energies.

Medical compounds also rely on these batteries, which can provide precise calibration and backup power during outages.

By powering the global battery revolution through the critical metal tungsten, these wide-ranging applications continue to be developed at promising speeds. Northcliff's Sisson Project is working to try to discover critical minerals that are the building blocks for the future of our green and digital economy.

Northcliff is a mineral resource company focused on advancing the feasibility-stage Sisson tungsten-molybdenum project located in New Brunswick, Canada, to production. Additional information on Northcliff is available on the website at

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