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Why is tungsten essential to create a more sustainable future with battery systems? Earth Day Feature

Apr 20, 2023


Every April 22nd, stakeholders of all backgrounds come together to advance sustainability and climate action in commemoration of Earth Day.

This year, the theme “Invest in Our Planet”, highlights the importance of dedicating our time, resources, and energy to solving climate change.

Increasing our demand for renewable energy sources is one of the most immediate actions we can take to lower our carbon footprint. As the cost of constructing renewable energy sources like wind and solar decreases, renewable energy is now an economical option.

Wind turbines play a crucial role in generating renewable power by capturing wind energy. Tungsten is a preferred material in wind turbine construction, particularly in the generator components, where it improves the turbines' efficiency and longevity.

Tungsten is also an essential component in the creation of more sustainable batteries that power our world. This metal is a hallmark in the global battery revolution, as it combines with other elements to create a safe, efficient system.

Tungsten makes batteries more durable and able to withstand greater temperatures and stresses while providing longer-lasting performance with improved energy density - all critical features of a successful battery system.

Not only does tungsten ensure that these batteries operate efficiently and effectively, but through its use, we can create a brighter future filled with reliable energy sources of renewable energy that benefit us all.

Through this supply, Northcliff is aiming to invest in our future by revolutionizing energy storage by providing high-quality tungsten with greater reliability than ever before. This will be a critical step in the global battery revolution, allowing us to transition away from traditional energy sources and towards a clean, sustainable, and renewable future for us all.

The Northcliff Sisson Project is working to find this metal to offer a viable alternative to the reliance on non-sustainable, costly energy sources that are damaging to our environment.

With its ability to last longer, while providing greater power output over time, tungsten can help reduce the demand for fossil fuels, enabling us to achieve a more sustainable future with renewable battery systems.

In short, tungsten plays a critical role in driving the global battery revolution and creating a clean energy future for generations to come. By helping us transition away from harmful fossil fuel sources and powering more reliable battery technologies, this metal offers us the keys to unlocking a truly sustainable future.

The 14,140-hectare Sisson property hosts a large, structurally controlled, intrusion-related tungsten-molybdenum deposit.

Northcliff announced the positive results of the Sisson Project Feasibility Study in January 2013 and since then the Sisson Project has received numerous key approvals.

With our ever-growing demand for energy, the role of tungsten within the next generation of batteries cannot be underestimated. It is more efficient in storing and delivering power compared to current mainstream lithium-ion technology, and its unique thermal stability makes it especially suited to use in high-heat applications.

This makes it highly sought after for automotive, commercial, industrial, and renewable energy projects that are currently revolutionizing our world. The need for tungsten batteries could not be higher or any more important, especially on Earth Day, and at Northcliff we are working to fulfill that demand.

For more information on Earth Day 2023, the official theme, updates, and how to get involved, please visit:

Northcliff is a mineral resource company focused on advancing the feasibility-stage Sisson tungsten-molybdenum project located in New Brunswick, Canada, to production. Additional information on Northcliff is available on the website at

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