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Global Wind Day

Jun 15, 2023


Global Wind Day is an annual event celebrated on June 15th to raise awareness about the power and potential of wind energy. As the world continues to battle with climate change, renewable energy sources like wind power play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions and creating a sustainable future. In this article, we will explore the connection between Global Wind Day and the mining of tungsten with Northcliff, a key mineral that can significantly enhance renewable energy production in North America.

Wind energy has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sources of renewable power globally. Wind turbines harness the natural force of the wind to generate electricity without releasing greenhouse gas emissions or other harmful pollutants. Wind farms have become a familiar sight across many landscapes, providing clean and sustainable energy to power homes, businesses, and industries.

The Role of Tungsten Mining in North America

Tungsten, known for its exceptional strength and high melting point, is a vital component in the manufacturing of wind turbines. This durable metal is used to produce turbine blades, which are critical for capturing the energy present in wind. The unique properties of tungsten allow for the construction of longer and more efficient turbine blades, resulting in increased energy production.

North America, with its vast landscapes and favorable wind conditions, holds tremendous potential for wind energy generation. However, to fully unlock this potential, a reliable supply of tungsten is crucial. Currently, most tungsten is imported from countries like China, Russia, and Bolivia. Expanding tungsten mining operations within North America would not only provide a domestic supply but stimulate economic growth and reduce reliance on foreign sources.

At Northcliff, we believe that the Sisson Project can be a significant player in the critical minerals supply chain as the world continues its push towards securing the necessary minerals and metals to power innovation. In addition, the Government of Canada views the development of our critical minerals value chain as a generational opportunity for our country.

Advantages of Domestic Tungsten Mining

  • Enhanced Renewable Energy Production: By establishing local tungsten mining operations, North America can ensure a steady supply of this critical metal, enabling the production of larger and more efficient wind turbines. This, in turn, would boost renewable energy production and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

  • Job Creation and Economic Growth: Developing tungsten mines would create numerous job opportunities in mining, extraction, processing, and manufacturing sectors. Additionally, the growth of the renewable energy industry would attract investments, spur innovation, and foster economic development in local communities. Canada can grow as a player in the tungsten market through the development of Northcliff's Sisson tungsten-molybdenum deposit in New Brunswick.

  • Supply Chain Resilience and Security: Diversifying the sources of tungsten through domestic mining reduces the vulnerability associated with relying heavily on foreign suppliers. It strengthens the resilience and security of the renewable energy supply chain, ensuring a stable and uninterrupted flow of crucial components for wind turbines.

Northcliff’s Sisson Project has substantial future potential to produce tungsten. Well-located on the eastern seaboard of North America, it is also close to highways, rail, and tidewater, providing the project with considerable logistical advantages over comparable greenfield tungsten projects.

New Brunswick is a stable state with a long mineral and resource development history and a sophisticated regulatory framework. Northcliff’s Sisson Project ranks among North America's largest potential tungsten producers and may considerably increase supply for the North American, Asian, and European markets, where demand is outpacing supply.

Global Wind Day serves as a timely reminder of the immense potential wind energy holds in combating climate change. To fully capitalize on this potential, it is essential to prioritize the development of a sustainable and secure supply of tungsten for North America.

By expanding domestic mining operations, North America can harness this durable metal to manufacture advanced wind turbines, increasing renewable energy production, fostering economic growth, and reducing dependence on foreign sources. Investing in tungsten mining through Northcliff represents a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future for North America and the world.

Northcliff is a mineral resource company focused on advancing the feasibility-stage Sisson tungsten-molybdenum project located in New Brunswick, Canada, to production. Additional information on Northcliff is available on the website at

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