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The recycling benefits of Tungsten batteries

Apr 28, 2023


Tungsten batteries are a remarkably viable renewable energy resource, due in large part to their recyclability. With the capacity to be recycled to their original form, tungsten batteries can provide a consistent and reliable energy source while significantly reducing waste.

Apple recently announced that it has expanded its use of key recycled metals in it’s products, and now sources “more than 95 percent of all tungsten in Apple products from 100 percent recycled material.”

In addition, according to CleanTechnica, BMW has created a “closed-loop cycle for tungsten” that recycles the material at levels we haven’t previously encountered. In this new process, using recycled tungsten will allow BMW to reduce its energy consumption by 70 percent, and reduce CO2 emissions by over 60 percent.

The tungsten recycling process is cost-efficient and helps reduce the number of raw materials required for producing new batteries. This makes tungsten batteries an excellent option not only for powering technology, but for doing our part in building a more sustainable world.

Northcliff is confident that the Sisson Project will help make the global battery revolution a reality. By working to provide consistent and reliable access to tungsten in Canada, Northcliff is aiming to make energy storage more cost-effective, efficient, and available to everyone.

Tungsten is a metal with many unique properties making it essential to a variety of industries including the growing battery revolution.

In this article, we are highlighting some key characteristics of tungsten:

  • High melting point and high density: Tungsten’s unique characteristics include its incredibly high melting point and high density, both of which are key components for efficient energy storage systems.

  • Higher charge capacity: Tungsten’s dense material can allow for smaller batteries with a much higher charge capacity, resulting in faster charging times and longer lifespan.

  • A fast charge: Utilizing revolutionary tungsten-based anodes, Li-ion battery systems can now charge up to 90+ percent in less than five minutes.

  • Extended working range: Tungsten’s power density drastically extends their working range.

  • Fire and temperature resistance: Tungsten as a critical metal can withstand a wider range of temperatures with reduced fire risk.

  • More durable: Tungsten used with technology achieves 10x durability compared with conventional Li-ion batteries, translating into significant cost savings over the lifetime of the product.

  • Shock resistant: Tungsten is resistant to shock due to its robust nature, yet it stays ductile at low temperatures, meaning it has the flexibility to cope with long-term usage scenarios.


This expansive list of benefits makes tungsten an important metal in the global battery revolution and beyond, and it’s clear that both Apple and BMW have already seen its benefits.

As a leading Canadian mining company, Northcliff plans to provide a new supply of tungsten and molybdenum to North American, European, and Asian markets.

Through this supply, we are aiming to revolutionize energy storage by providing high-quality tungsten with greater reliability than ever before. This will be a critical step in the global battery revolution, allowing us to transition away from traditional energy sources and towards a clean, sustainable, and renewable future.

Northcliff is a mineral resource company focused on advancing the feasibility-stage Sisson tungsten-molybdenum project located in New Brunswick, Canada, to production. Additional information on Northcliff is available on the website at

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