Northcliff Resources Ltd.

News Releases

March 02, 2021  Northcliff Announces Loan Financing
December 03, 2020  Northcliff Announces Two-Year Extension Granted for New Brunswick Environmental Impact Assessment Deadline
October 14, 2020  Northcliff Announces Loan Financing
June 19, 2020  Northcliff Announces Management Change
January 30, 2020  Northcliff Announces Completion Of $870,000 Private Placement Financing
January 29, 2020  Northcliff Announces $870,000 Private Placement Financing
July 10, 2019  Northcliff Achieves Major Permitting Milestone for the Sisson Project
April 23, 2019  Northcliff Reports Annual General Meeting Results
April 05, 2019  Northcliff Announces New CFO
April 01, 2019  Northcliff Announces New Chief Financial Officer
February 22, 2019  Todd Minerals Nominates New Director to Northcliff Board
April 20, 2018  Northcliff Reports Annual General Meeting Results
April 17, 2018  Northcliff Provides Project Update on the Sisson Project
June 23, 2017  Positive Federal Environmental Assessment Decision - Sisson Mine Project
June 22, 2017  Northcliff Closes Private Placement Financing
April 21, 2017  Northcliff Reports Annual General Meeting Results
March 17, 2017  Northcliff Closes $3.9 Million Financing
March 02, 2017  Media Release: Sisson Project Limited Partnership signs Cooperation Agreement with Woodstock First Nation
March 02, 2017  Northcliff Announcement: Sisson Project Limited Partnership signs Cooperation Agreement with Woodstock First Nation
February 22, 2017  Northcliff Announces $4 Million Follow-on Private Placement Financing
February 10, 2017  Northcliff Advises on Provincial & First Nations Agreement on Sisson Project
December 15, 2016  Northcliff Closes $3 Million Financing
December 14, 2016  Northcliff Announces Results of Special Meeting
October 27, 2016  Northcliff Announces Private Placement
April 22, 2016  Northcliff Reports Annual General Meeting Results
April 18, 2016  Northcliff Update: CEAA Posts Comprehensive Study Report for Sisson Project, Initiating Final Step of EIA Process
January 14, 2016  Northcliff Announces $500,000 Loan
December 03, 2015  New Brunswick Issues Sisson Project Environmental Impact Assessment Approval
May 28, 2015  Northcliff Closes Private Placement Financing
March 02, 2015  New Brunswick Accepts Sisson Project Final Environmental Impact Assessment Report
October 16, 2014  Northcliff Resources Achieves Second Milestone for Additional Funding from Todd
July 31, 2014  Northcliff Announces Launch of New Sisson Project Website and Branding - "The Sisson Partnership"
June 04, 2014  Northcliff Announces: Sisson Project Engineering Contract Awarded to Jacobs
April 15, 2014  Northcliff Resources achieves First Milestone for additional Funding from Todd
March 28, 2014  Todd Minerals Nominates New Director to Northcliff Board
March 18, 2014  Societe Generale appointed as Financial Advisor for the Sisson Project
March 03, 2014  Northcliff Strengthens Sisson Project Team with Key New Brunswick Addition
November 14, 2013  Northcliff Strengthens Sisson Project Team: Adds Vice President, Engineering
October 16, 2013  Northcliff Closes Todd Corporation Financing for Sisson Tungsten-Molybdenum Project and Appoints new Director to the Board
October 03, 2013  Northcliff Secures Todd Corporation as Financing Partner for Sisson Tungsten-Molybdenum Project
August 01, 2013  Northcliff Submits Environmental Impact Assessment for Sisson Tungsten-Molybdenum Project
June 27, 2013  Northcliff Signs Process Agreement with Woodstock First Nation
June 20, 2013  Northcliff Signs Environmental Assessment Review & Capacity Funding Agreement with New Brunswick First Nations
March 21, 2013  Northcliff To Adopt Shareholder Rights Plan
March 13, 2013  Northcliff Files NI 43-101 Technical Report for Sisson Tungsten-Molybdenum Project Feasibility Study
February 01, 2013  Northcliff Announces New Directors And Chairman
January 29, 2013  Northcliff Releases Positive Feasibility Study For Sisson Tungsten-Molybdenum Project
October 11, 2012  Northcliff Provides Update on Sisson Project Feasibility Study and Environmental Assessment
July 05, 2012  Geodex Shareholders Receive Northcliff Shares
June 19, 2012  Geodex Shareholders Approve Acquisition by Northcliff of Sisson Project Interest
June 15, 2012  Northcliff Completes Earn-In Obligations For Its 70% Interest In The Sisson Project
June 04, 2012  Northcliff Shareholders Unanimously Approve Acquisition of Geodex Interest in the Sisson Project
May 17, 2012  Northcliff Updates Mineral Resources For Sisson Tungsten-Molybdenum Project
May 10, 2012  Northcliff Signs Definitive Joint Venture Interest Purchase Agreement
May 02, 2012  Northcliff Receives Conditional TSX Exchange Approval For The Acquisition Of Geodex'S Remaining 30% Interest In The Sisson Project
April 18, 2012  Northcliff Resources Signs Letter Agreement With Geodex Minerals To Consolidate Ownership Of The Sisson Project
March 05, 2012  Feasibility Study for Sisson Tungsten-Molybdenum Project on track for completion in Q3 2012
February 01, 2012  Northcliff Begins Trading On The Toronto Stock Exchange And Appoints New Independent Director
November 30, 2011  Successful 2011 Drill Program Advances Sisson Project Feasibility Study
November 03, 2011  Northcliff Provides Update On Feasibility Study For Sisson Tungsten-Molybdenum Project
July 05, 2011  Northcliff Advances Work Program To Achieve Sisson Project Feasibility Study In Q3 2012
June 24, 2011  Northcliff Retains Investor Relations Consultant
June 07, 2011  Northcliff Completes Qualifying Transaction & $28 Million Financing

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